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Is there a difference between just codeine and codeine sulfate & if so, whats the difference?

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suzanne66 3 Apr 2012

No - not really. Codeine is the active ingredient. Codeine sulfate is a salt of codeine (there are many other codeine salts). Codeine sulfate is often the "salt of choice" that manufacturers use to produce codeine containing preparations.

Gregory Bowling 11 Oct 2017

Codeine sulfate is a C-2 controlled substance and phosphate is a C-3 the net may not tell you this but check a PDR Book and ita tell you, your doctor really wont know as he looks up meds his/her selfs they only know what the drug company tells them in a lot of cases, my dr told me hydrocodone and oxycodone were the same and he said instead of taking A OC 20 that he was giving me the 40 mg but try a half first i told him you couldnt do that or it would no longer be extended release, he looked it up and i was right now i work in his office as he stent me to school for medical assisting free discount card

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