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What is the difference between absent seizures and focal seizures?

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bestpup 18 Apr 2013

To aimster02. From bestpup.
Generally the difference between absent seizures and focal seizures is, first absent seizures usually begin between the age of 6 & 12. Sometimes it starts out as a child starring off (day dreaming) for no apparent reason. The subconsciousness takes over without the person being aware of there surroundings. Thankfully, the seizures only last a short time (approximately 5 to 10 minutes). Also, children who suffer from absent seizures tend to outgrow them.
Focal seizures take place in the frontal lobes of the brain. Focal seizures have a few more physical manifestations such as the inability to talk for awhile. This can last anywhere from 10 min to a hour. It's also possible to have a metallic taste in one's mouth. The physical manifestation I find most interesting is people who suffer from focal seizures often cry during a seizure. This is because your frontal lobes are responsible for emotions.
Neither, of these seizures cause long term unconscious or shaking/spasms.
Obviously, everyone who suffers from these seizures are not all going to have the same symptoms. These are just a few examples of what they may experience.

Inactive 18 Apr 2013

Great answer, I am impressed.

Have a great day bestpup.

Mickey D 24 Apr 2013

1st I'd like to say ty aimster02 for that important question. 2nd bestpup I ty for the info,I began having seizures in 1989,all them where gran mal. Til 2009 and two nuero Drs later. seems that even now I began to notice that they changed, and thanks too the both of you that this will help me with a better explanation and of understanding. I can only say I'm in all hopes of yourself and all the others who have these seizures will soon end. free discount card

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