I am taking opana-er 40g twice a day, it does maybe 1/2 the relief for me compared to the ms-contin 75g. I used to take bid,with morphine sulfate 30mg tid, kadian-sucked 80g bid again with msir 30 mmg qid,
I tried taking opana-IR 10 mg,tid also with the opana -er 40mg it felt to me it was only half as strong pain relief wise as morphine sulfate 30mg, formerly brand name MSIR which was better than any msir generic. Now a new doc I WILL SEE FOR AN EVALUATION TRIED TO TELL ME OPANA-ER IS 2X STRONGER than Oxycontin , this guy must be feeling me out but I KNOW it is NOT nearly as good for long term relief , does anyone know the equivalency between opana-er 40mg vs oxycontin 80mg ? I'm guessing the oxy wins by 2x's, please help e with this chemical dilemna.I have severe nerve disorders and back diseages from top to bottom
thank you everyone, Bill