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What is the differance between oxycodone hydrochloride and hydrocodone ?

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kaismama 9 May 2013

Don't get hung up on hydrochloride. Its just the salt. Hydrochloride is just plain hydrochloride. If its oxycodone hydrochloride its the oxycodone you care about.


DzooBaby 9 May 2013

Oxycodone is a bit stronger than hydrocodone-10mg hydrocodone is about equal to 5mg oxycodone. Hydrocodone only comes in combination with acetaminophen in the US and only as an immediate release short acting formulation. It is a Schedule 3 controlled substance (although they are trying to get FDA to move it to the higher Schedule 2) Being a schedule 3, a hydrocodone prescriptions can be called into the pharmacy and it can be written to have refills. Oxycodone is a schedule 2 controlled substance, meaning it has higher potential for abuse. Oxycodone comes in combination with acetaminophen (like Percocet), and it can come by itself in both short acting immediate release products (like Roxicodone) and also long acting time release formulas (like Oxycontin) designed to release over an 8-12 hour period for long term pain control around the clock. Being a schedule 2 controlled substance, oxycodone is subject to tighter controls. It cannot be called into the pharmacy, one has to bring a hard copy written prescription each fill and it is not allowed to be written with refills. I hope this helps some.

kaismama 9 May 2013

Ok so i have lost the ability to read. Sorry about that

DzooBaby 9 May 2013

All oxycodone is oxycodone hydrochloride-it is the full name of the chemical compound. Hydrocodone is called hydrocodone bitartrate in it's full name. These second names just have to do with the chemistry composition.

DzooBaby 9 May 2013

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