... better when I take them, and I can tell when I don't. I get a foggy feeling, or groggy feeling in my head and my feet hurt in the morning when I have eaten salt (at least that is what I think per mom). I am taking the following supplements and I am wondering if I need these and what it actually is or is supposed to do for me. I find myself skipping my vitamins some days because I don't finish taking all of them daily.

100mg Pycnogenol
100mg CoQ10
Sharp Thought (PS/DHA combo)
650mg Acetyl-L Carnitine & Alpha Lipoic Acid
Co-Enzyme B Complex Tabs
2000IU Vitamin D
100mg Grape Seed Extract (not every day)
100mg Pine Bark Extract (not every day)
1000mg CLA Tonalin
1350mg Evening Primrose Oil
Super Lysine+ (not every day)
Coromega Fish Oil

As far as prescriptions, I am taking 50mg daily of Pristiq for depression, anxiety, etc. I have little motivation and energy for my job as a teacher. I clench my teeth/TMJ and my jaw hurts when I skip my vitamins, I think it is the pycnogenol that helps with my jaw pain and feet pain, but I don't know.

Some of the stuff is for weight loss too. I am 75 lbs overweight and have not been good at staying on a diet. Plus I am trying not to lose hair being on Pristiq.

Are these vitamins overkill?? I want to tell my mom enough is enough, but she is 67 and has never been on any medication and looks really good for her age, she just takes vitamins.

Am I damaging anything by taking them?