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Dietary Supplementation - Has anyone tried Dr. Mercola's multivitamin for children, on an adhd child

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I have not had personal experience trying "Dr. Mercola's multivitamin" on an ADHD child, but if you would like to know the forthcomings of giving an ADHD child this, I could tell you that as long as you would give me the ingredients of the multivitamin and what is or if the ADHD child is taking medications for his/her ADHD.

sdively 8 Mar 2012

Go on and look at the childrens chewables... also he takes 54mg of Concerta daily... let me know what ya think okay?

CheyenneBloom 14 Jul 2012

Sorry for the while to respond. Life's been busy!

Naturally you need to know if your child has no allergies to any of the ingredients. And if the child is taking any medication already for the ADHD. Because then the medications may interact with the multivitamin. Which is highly unlikely because multivitamins like these generally only are made up of things already in the human body. (But sometimes increased amount, or things like omega-3s can interact with other drugs)

If you intend to use the multivitamin to counter the ADHD, I'm not sure how well that would go necessarily.

Everything should go fine other than that! :)

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