After having my 82 year old alzheimer's mother for almost 4 years at our house, we thought it time to put her into a nursing home. I had tried aerocept but had a lot of side effects--mostly confusion and tiredness. I tried the patch, but with about the same results. She also had a pace-maker, was on tricor, actos and medaprolol. When we were visiting her on her 4th day at the nursing home, the resident doctor came in and gave her a little physical and asked us about trying namenda. I told her that the other two had a lot of side effects, but she thought we should try namenda. I came back two days later and my mom was, as I call it, in a stuper. She was almost like a zombie she was so tired with no coordination. I went out to the nurses station and talked with the head nurse. I told her my mom wasn't good and wanted her off the namenda. She told me she was only on 20 ml. --i said no, I wanted her off of it as she didn't even know I was there. That night the nurse called at home and told me that the doctor would still like to keep her on the namenda, but wanted to give her only 5 ml in the a. M. And 5 ml. In the p. M. I told ok, we'll give it a try, but only a trial--if it didn't work, we'd take her off of it. The next day I came in and she was better. Still tired, but better--she knew who I was and was even talking to me. We had a nice day as we went to some of the activities together. I did notice that she was cold to the touch and her feet were a little swollen as she didn't even have socks on. I left her when the therapist came to get her for a little physical therapy. The next morning the nursing home called and said that my mom had a seizure and was being taken to the hospital. I got to the hospital and she had died in transit of heart failure. Do you think if namenda was not given to her that she'd still be here. I've taken care of her for 4 years and then I put her in a nursing home for a week and she's gone--what do you think?