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Did anyone find that no matter how much they exercised, they couldnt lose wight while on Elmiron?

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lyndajd 6 Dec 2010

I have battled relentlessly with my weight as every drug I am put on including Elmiron the doctor always says - 'this may put weight on you'. I get very annoyed when I read a docs page in a magazine and they say the ONLY answer to weight problems is to eat less and exercise more but we know that other factors such as the drugs we take play a big part in reducing our ability to do that effectively. I am also saddled with an underactive thyroid and recently dieted for 6 weeks and exercised everyday and lost just 1lb in weight. I am going to join weight watchers after xmas but the depressing thing is I know I will have to pay far more than everyone else and be there longer. Its always going to be harder for us but if we try to come to terms with that (some how) we should cope. I now hate hearing people talk about weight issues that do not have health problems such as ours. Good luck with your efforts and if it only keeps you fitter that is better than nothing.

billnterrac 1 Mar 2011

(Apologies if this is a duplicate message. There was a server disconnect while submitting.)

I am hoping that is not the case, since I just started Elmiron in the last 4 months. :) I will say that I had met my Weight Watchers goal weight and maintained it there long enough to get my Lifetime Member status, but then with asthma flares, had issues losing/maintaining weight. I was put on steroids for a while (I think 9 months) and I know when I am steroids I have weight issues. I also, like the previous poster, have hypothyroidism. It is maintained with Levoxyl and tests in the normal range as long as I am on the medication. I have had hypothyroidism for almost 9 years, right after I had our first (and only) by birth son. (We adopted a baby girl since then.) I suddenly had anxiety, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol (315), and acid reflux that was shooting into my larynx and lungs.

cleo130 29 Apr 2011

This is a great question... I had been on elmiron for about 2 years until 2005 when my divorce settlement insurance ran out. Had put on ALOT of weight but I was also eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio and other junk, had stopped walking my six miles over and back on a bridge because of bursitis in my hip... I am a former dancer/instructor and my normal weight is about 95. I was going through menopause and thought that and my lack of proper diet was the problem along with the divorce and constant pain and new job. About 2 years ago the weight finally started coming off... first slowly and then suddenly I was down to 90 pounds. free discount card

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