I am a 65 yr old male .I was told I had a "grand-marl" seizure having collapsed while working at the back of my farm property, 2-3 km from the nearest phone, An ambulance was called and about 2 hours later I was in hospital.
I had never had a seizure of any kind, and there was no family history of seizures on any side of the family.
As a child and young adult,I had suffered concussions from time to time, which was normal for an active teenager [I think]?.
6-8 months previously I had suffered spinal, neck and shoulder injuries from an 8-10 ft fall [and possible further concussion].
After an x-ray and finding not structural damage [ie broken bones] I was given some panedol and sent home.Advised by A&E to see my GP the next day.
I was given pain relief for torn ligaments, connective tissue and muscles; It was decided that diclofenac 2x75mgs/day prescribed by my local GP.
Being relatively fit and healthy.I would probably come right in time.To keep active and get a reasonable nights sleep I stuck to his advice.
As prescribed I continued for 6-8 months for pain, so I could continue working 12-14 hrs / day, 7 days /wk as required... until I had this "seizure"?

Does Long term; being [6 months] use of Diclofenac [combined with hypertension drug treatment, Losartan 50 mg x 2/day], create the risk of "seizures'?