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Diclofenac - does this have asprin in it?

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kaismama 11 Nov 2012

For the third time today, manufacturers cannot make a medication and add another without telling us they are doing it. If it had aspirin in it it would say diclofenac/aspirin. I'm not sure why people want to think there are other medications in the one prescribed. Diclofenac is telling exactly what active ingredient is in it.

dragonmist 12 Nov 2012

Sometimes you have to do research, such as Vicodin has a great deal of Tylenol but you can't tell that from the name. Tylenol is usually the one added but not always. I believe in looking up everything I take, usually on this site..

kaismama 12 Nov 2012

Awe but that's brand name, vicodin, you ask about a generic. Generic vicodin would be listed as hydrocodone/tylenol. Also the dosing gives you a major clue because it would show as 5/325, with generic vicodin.

dragonmist 13 Nov 2012

well i had to ask to be sure how much tylenol was in it like the 750 vicodin had 750 mg tylenol. I'm pretty sure it was generic because all my meds are

kaismama 13 Nov 2012

I can't think of too many medications that have aspirin in it. A few older meds.

dragonmist 13 Nov 2012

It doesn't hurt to ask

3christine43 14 Nov 2012

??? For the third time??? Wow rude??? Yes! ! Anyways I called the pharmacy, it has a similar drug as to asprin in it. Therefore if you're allergic to asprin then there is a good chance you could have the same reaction to this too.

3christine43 14 Nov 2012

Acetaminophen IS tylenol

3christine43 14 Nov 2012

Tylenol is not asprin

kaismama 14 Nov 2012

While they are both NSAIDS, aspirin and diclofenac, they are not the same chemical. It would be the same as taking aleve.

dragonmist 14 Nov 2012

I agree it is vrey rude, that's what I have been trying to temper. Hope you're having a better day today.

kaismama 15 Nov 2012

You're rude, you jumped into what would have been a conversation between us about it. You should have used another answer. You would not have had to ask how much tylenol was in the vicodin the dose is telling you. free discount card

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