I have been getting severe muscle spasms for approximately 10 years. At first when it occurred I would make an appointment with my doctor and he would give me a low dose prescription 4 hydrocodone and Valium. This went on for a few years until one time I was basically could not move for 4 hours, I was outside and started to go hypothermic. At this point my doctor wanted me to see a neurosurgeon to see if anything further could be done. The neurosurgeon suggested an MRI , going to pain management, physical therapy and wait it out as long as I could, the longer I could wait before a major operation the better he said. I went to physical therapy, and was admitted 2 a pain management. At first I was hopeful that these would help me to function better. The pain management was very interested in selling there various back injection procedures of which I received approximately 11 injections all various types / approximately 7 different procedures from epidural, 2 some type of RF frequency with four different needles on each side of my spine. None of these gave me very much relief. This pain management was much more interested and selling there shot procedures then helping me to actually feel better. We spent $13,000 in deductibles each year for two years. In all I have had an x-ray a cat-scan 3 MRIS all over a 4 year time frame from 2013 through 2017. Eventually my wife who provides the insurance she is a nurse and works at various hospitals, switched jobs to get better insurance so I could see a different neurosurgeon. Not wanting to wait the full time for the insurance too be activated I opted to pay for another MRI out of pocket, and my first visit to the new neurosurgeon. Upon meeting with him he said that I have two very compressed discs and the only real answer is to have them fused. His procedure went through the abdomen. The Hope also was also that the muscle spasms would be alleviated due to the fact that the back would now be supported well with new proper spacing. Pluses and minuses, the back has been healing now four 3 months, it feels less painful, it feels like it is healing. However I still have a lot of muscle pain with spasms periodically, it is very difficult to walk with my muscles this way. Walking was not as bad for the first few weeks after the surgery as it is now, this is due to the fact that the muscle relaxant has been changed from what worked extremely well for me, Valium, to at first no muscle relaxant, and then pleading with the pain management team at least being able to get Soma, which works but not nearly as well or as long. I have also been on 5 or so different muscle relaxers when I was with the other pain management. The pain management team that I have been with from before the surgery to now said that if I can find a doctor to prescribe the Valium that they would continue to give me 50% of the pain medicine that I have been receiving since they took back over after the surgery. Does anybody know how to get valium? I know I felt much better a month-and-a-half ago then I do now. I feel that I will be on a muscle relaxant for a long time but I do wish to get off these pain meds the sooner the better at this point they don't really take away off lot of pain. I will be going back to physical therapy soon, hopefully it will be better than last time.