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Diazepam - I took a pill of long will it stay in my system?

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Inactive 29 Nov 2010

That will depend on several factors, many reports say 3 days, but will depend on sensitivity of the test, how fast your metabolism is, how many and how long you took this. If you are older than 25 and have any excess weight on you, it will take longer than 3 days, if you have a compromised immune system or liver, it will take longer, if you take other meds it will take longer.It can stay for 2 to 6 weeks under the right set of circumstances as far as testing positive on a drug test.

christineATU 29 Nov 2010

In addition to Patti's information, diazapam (valium) is one of the longest lasting benzo's prescribed. Please be careful with this medication.

Best wishes,

questing 30 Nov 2010

Really, I have , used the diazapam, 2 mg. as need to stop, the most severe spasms. I found it help for only about three hours. Although I don't usually use it more than five times in a weeks span. free discount card

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