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Why the diazepam is contraindicated with alcohol intoxication?

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16 Mar 2012

Both alcohol and Diazepam are central nervous system depressants (CNS depressants), which means they both can slow down brain activity. Drinking alcohol while taking Diazepam may increase your risk of serious reactions. This is why, according to the Diazepam prescribing information, drinking alcohol while on Diazepam is not recommended. Additionally, for many people with mental illness, it is usually recommended that alcohol be avoided.

Drinking alcohol while taking Valium may increase your risk of certain Diazepam side effects, such as: Unusual behavior; Memory problems; Drowsiness; Dizziness; Problems with coordination.

DzooBaby 16 Mar 2012

Very good answer Rajive! Heed these warnings! My cousin lost a very good friend who had taken one 10mg Valium and drank just two gin and tonics at a party and the next morning her parents found her dead from mixing the two CNS depressants together. She passed out and stopped breathing and since her CNS was so depressed, the natural mechanisms that arouse you when your oxygen levels get too low didnt kick in, so she just drifted off to death. Very, very sad and definitely NOT worth it! Remember, too, that Valium stays in the system a long time so if you take a Valium one day, and drink the next, you will still become more intoxicated from the drink than you normally would.

Rajive Goel 17 Mar 2012

Thanks, i am sorry for the condition that your friend faced, most of the times meds are taken as 'joke', its too late to make amends once matters get out of hands.

Take care, best wishes!

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