4/5 days ago I got diarrhoea and a stomach bug which led me spending a whole day in bed and on the toilet.

I stayed away with work in a hotel and ate a meal which I believe may have been contaminated resulting in making me poorly. This was the Thursday night and it was when I got home on the Friday when I was bedded and very ill. On the Saturday when I woke up I felt better in myself however the diarrhoea worsened. I must have passed liquid stools every half an hour. I ate some dry toast late morning that day. In the afternoon I started taking Imodium instant melt tablets. I took 2 to start with as advised, the passed stools then took another. I then ate some plain white rice and took 2 more Imodium tablets before aging any more loose bowel movements. Later that night I needed to go but couldn't and felt quite constipated.

It's now the Tuesday and I have since eaten a few more things (breakfast bars, egg noodles, buttered toast, rice with prawns and salad, fish chips and beans) but am still struggling to go to the toilet. I have not taken any more Imodium since Saturday, as I felt this may have caused the constipation. I feel much better in myself but I always feel urgently needing to poo but barely a thing comes out sometimes nothing does. When a small amount does come out it is either runny/flakey like or diarrhoea like still. My stomach has occasional cramps telling me that I need to go but when I get to the toilet I'm sat there but it just won't happen. It feels like it is trapped in as well as a trapped wind feeling, as I do also struggle to pass wind properly.

I'm guess what I'm wondering is how I can help this. Is there things I can eat to help it eventually pass, or shall I look at maybe taking some laxative? It's just very uncomfortable and feels like it will relieve a lot of stress on my bowels when I do go.

Would it have been the frequent intake of Imodium which would have caused this, and caused it to still be like this 3 days later?