Last October 29, i started taking birth control pills (althea). I am on my 5th DAY of active pills when i had contact/intercourse with my bf. He used condom but after he ejaculated inside of me, and pulls out his penis, the condom was broken and all his sperm were inside of me.
I was afraid because it is possible that i am not yet protected because i havent pass the 7 day rule of bcp.
Thats why we choose to used Nordette as morning after pill/emergency pills. (Took 4 active pills and after 12 hours took another 4 light pills).
Despite of taking the e-pill, i continued to take my Althea Pills on regular time.
Btw, while taking the e-pill i suffered from diarrhea (4x loose watery stool (***2-3 hours after i took them), nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and sleepiness)
Does my diarrhea affects the effectiveness of e-pill and my althea? Please. Help me. Am i going to be pregnant again?
Btw, i had D&C/raspa last October 20.