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I'm on the pill dianette and I had sex without using a condom am I now pregant?

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kaismama 6 Jan 2014

No. that's why you're on birth control pills isn't it

Inactive 6 Jan 2014

But I started taking it a day late this month does that make any difference?

Inactive 6 Jan 2014

And I don't really take it at the except time every day? But I do take it every day

kaismama 7 Jan 2014

There are free apps for your phone that remind you to take your pill. At the very least set an alarm for the time you should take it.

DzooBaby 7 Jan 2014

Not taking it correctly does increase the chances for pregnancy but you are still better protected than not using anything at all. If you are going to use birth control pills, be sure to get the full effects from them by using them every day within an hour each way of the time you choose as "pill time". So if you choose 8am, be sure to take it always between 7am and 9am to be considered "on time" Set and alarm on your cell phone, put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, put your pills by your toothbrush, whatever you have to do to remind yourself to take your pill! Chances are pretty slim that you are pregnant. Keep taking your pill and try to get it every day about the same time. If your period is a week or more late, do a pregnancy test. Dont waste your money before then because it may not be as accurate. Chances are best that you are not pregnant and even if you were, the bit of exposure to the hormones wont hurt a fetus so dont stop taking the Pill.

DzooBaby 7 Jan 2014

Let me add, when you take the pill regularly, you do not ovulate so if there is no egg released, there can be no baby! Condoms after a woman has been on the pill for a week or more are for preventing STD's, not for contraceptive purposes-the Pill is the contraceptive. The only time you really need condoms, if you are sure your partner is disease free, is for back up on a missed pill or when you take antibiotics because they can reduce the effectiveness of the pill.

Inactive 8 Jan 2014

Ok thanks so much for the help so you think I'm ok that I'm not pregnant? free discount card

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