I'm female, 28yr's old... I am so frustrated and getting scared now after 12 months of tests and specialists trying to diagnose me and have come up with nothing... It started out after I had to sadly have a termination, after the op. I woke up in pain.
No one seems to think this is what caused my problems to date and I am so lost, I don't know myself anymore... I have a lot of stomach/ bowel problems now, I have irregular (if any) menstrual cycles, often always mostly old blood, which come to think of it, after the termination, I was bleeding and in so much agony with stomach pain, I bleed out for two months, mostly that same old blood. How can they rule that out? What the hell is this!!!
I have had CT scans, ultra sounds, stool samples, blood tests, colonoscopy & endoscopy.. What is next, what is this... I'm going crazy...
Please help if anyone has any suggestions!!!
I'm getting so depressed, I've lost my job due to lack of concentration as I spend majority of my days in SO MUCH PAIN.
Please, Please Help!