... Ssri, mood stabilizers, I even tried vagus nerve stimulation (not for me) ECT has always been the best option, but I have to hit rock bottom - tried seroquel, gained ridiculous amount of weight, ability, jumpy muscles- I felt both were effective but the side effects were intolerable, I don't want to have to take another medication to reduce side effects (weight gain, muscle spasms, high bop, acid reflux, ) of the one supposing to help
My doctor is now recommending lamictal - I am scared to take another chance, believe it or not I'm an active woman, I swim, play volleyball, run around with niece & nephew and live in city walk everywhere ,you wouldn't know it, I look like I eat gallons of ice cream or other crap, where my diet is very bland, I just stick to basics- you can probably understand why I'm frustrated scared,