To make it short, I go to the cancer center for monitoring.recently they started a pain management. I went for the first time a week ago,they did a drug screen, the rules came back with methanphatamines, anphetamines, ritilitic acid,oxymorphone,I don't take any of those,I take klonopin 1mg. Zoloft 100mgx2,protonix 40mg. Phenergan 25mg. Oxycodone 10mg. Xanaflex2mg. So I don't understand how this happened. The dr. Is very strict an that's ok but not friendly,I go back in a week and will most likely be dismissued for something that is not my fault.I'm going to ask for a retest but don't think they bothers me for various reasons,1)I'm not a druggie,2)it will be noted and I've passed all,done everything I'm suppose to.