... disk at the L4-L5 level. So far, Ive tried pain meds, muscle relaxers, rest, heat, cold, tens unit, physical therapy, and 2 cortisone epidural lumbar shots, all which gave me minimal relief. Actually, PT at the end, was making my pain worse. I've seen a orthopeadic surgeon and he recommended a lumbar Microdisdectomy. I also got a 2nd opinion from another surgeon and surgery was recommended as well. I've the surgery scheduled in 2 weeks. However, now I am feeling better, and some days my pain level is almost null. I started walking without the cane and been sleeping much better. I am second guessing the decision to have the MicroD, but don't know what to do next. Im unsure of my options. Could I possibly be in "remission" or perhaps I am feeling better because Ive been home resting for 2 months. Although Im doing better, Im in no way ready to return to my heavy-lifting and driving job. What would you in my position? I dont want to wait too long before surgery wont be beneficial to me. Any suggestions?