I have CT scan on the 15th of Feb. I was told results would be available in 24-48 hours but waited 8 days to get a call from a nurse with the news- that I better quit drinking NOW and PERMANENTLY. Not as easy as is sounds- but will work on that. I am really concerned however since I have had many blood tests over the last 6 months for variety of reasons- and none of them came back with anything like this? I also have had problems with my shoulder and was prescribed both Hydro-codone and an anti-inflammatory drug called Diclofenac. I had the actual surgery on Dec 15th and am now just STARTING physical therapy so the pain meds and anti inflammatory really help. I am taking way less that prescribed but now with the liver issues- I am concerned. I really like the anti -inflammatory pill and can tell when I dont take it. I can live without the Hydro-codone but if there is an alternative- I would be interested. I wonder if all these NEW drugs is the reason of the liver symptoms showing up NOW?