I refused cat scan as I didn't feel well and had assured er drs I'd make appointment with LUNG specialist asap. I feel the cat was unnecessary as at first, the E.R. Dept. Didn't even think a second exray was needed. What promted them was last minute on an exray (they decided to run 2nd exray) they claim to have seen density? This was a DR. Assistant, great guy but HE ISNT A PROFESSIONAL. so I have heard the "we see dark areas on xray" before so many times... how do I know that it's not just to Bill insurance large sum due to the fact none of the er dept even thought it was serious at first glance to even run 2nd exray. The health care system today simply is very unreliable and flip floppy, half the nurses were either rude lazy or thought it was a huge deal to grab Apple juice while I'm tackled down with iv waiting hours for results. Yet nurses suggested I drink a lot of fluids. And no it was before! She placed iv in. They acted as if I asked for a pedicure!