Hi, I'm really needed some help or advice! Me and my partner are ttc, since December 2013 I came off birth control, I waited and waited for the first initial period to then ttc but I am still waiting, it is now Aug 2014 and I have been in and out of seeing doctors and doing tests. I was diagnosed, (well the doctor said it's most likely) I have pcos, due to have lots if small follicles in my ovaries and not having a period... She prescribed me with the progesterone pills Ralovera, to take 3 times a day for 5 days, it has been only 2 days since I have stopped Ralovera and have not had any bleeding yet.. I know it's only 2 days but the waiting game makes me really anxious haha. Anyways when the doc prescribed me with Ralovera and explained everything she said when I start to bleed to start Birth control again for 3 months to try establish a regular cycle, is this right? Should I be going back on the pill again? Since I came off the pill to get pregnant now I'm being told to go back on? How long should I be waiting for to receive a period now that I've stopped Ralovera? I have a million other questions but I'll just start with that for now. It's really great knowing there is help out there and that others are going through similar things and we can all help eachother . Please help me thank you