Seen several doctors and specialists to no avail. IBD is always "cause unknown". Skin ulcers, tried prescription meds, essential oils, homeopathic methods none of which have been effective. Been on antibiotics and Prednisone which worked as long as I was taking them. When finished, IBD and skin ulcers came back with a vengeance. One doctor told me that the IBD was causing the skin ulcers (toxins trapped in GI Track seeping thru intestinal lining entering the blood stream). I also have Diverticulosis. One skin ulcer was so bad the hole went down to the muscle tissue and about 2-1/2" in diameter. After debridment, the doctor scheduled an RN to come out every other day to clean and redress bandages. (scheduled for 16 weeks). Bandage covered my entire left leg. Even though the schedule has ended, the ulcer has not healed completely. It is forming a scab and surrounding tissue feels like tough leather

Does anyone know what I can do to alleviate this problem. It's driving me crazy, especially since doctors can't heal... diagnosis is always "cause unknown" and already taken too many antibiotics and steroids which doesn't work anymore. HELP ME PLEASE !!!