... levothyroxine when out of the blue, I became very ill and my thyroid had enlarged. My doctor tried to adjust medication for six months before sending me to Endo. My antibody test was extremely high. I'm now on 100mcg levo a day, two on Sunday.
The last several weeks, I've been feeling really sick again, heart racing, hot/cold, sensitive to light, cold, neck hurts a bit, gland feels enlarged, slight difficulty swallowing, leg cramps and increasing pain with my sciatic nerve. My Hashi's seems to affect everything. Blood work done again, T3 and T4 normal, but antibodies still off the charts and for the first time in my life, elevated cholesterol and I'm anemic AGAIN, so doc is sending me to hematology. I called endo this morning, but they are unlikely to do much, since T levels are in normal range.

This is miserable for me. Has anyone had normal T levels, taking levo and been highly symptomatic, with autoimmune still high?
I don't know what to do to feel better. When my Hashi's acts up, I feel terribly sick