.Urologist prescribed Silodosin-8mg and Dutastreride 0.5mg for more than two and a half months.
On repeat rectal sonography indicates seminal vesicles with mild inflammation,so i am on Doxy 100mg/twice a day.
Prostate-Vol.increased to 67.8gms.though urination frequency has reduced from 4/5times to 2/3 times at night with same water intake.PSA being 6.
Apparently I have no other problem and at what stage of PSA ,biopsy is required as I may go for surgery when called for and confirm at that point of time instead.
At what symptoms one need to go for surgery as i am at 75 without any health problem.What are the side effects of drugs?
If not continued medicines what deterioration is likely?
What are the periodic tests required for Prognosis?