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I've been diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy. Is severe fatigue part of it too?

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kaismama 7 Dec 2014

The mayo clinic has good info on it, ...

Claudia218 7 Dec 2014

Having been "officially" diagnosed at Mayo Clinic with severe autonomic neuropathy, I was somewhat relieved to discover that severe fatigue can be a symptom of autonomic neuropathy. Having suffered with severe fatigue for a number of years before the diagnosis, it was helpful to finally have an answer. Unfortunately, there can be many of the autonomic systems affected, which can make dealing with the condition quite difficult. My blood pressure fluctuates from extremely low to extremely high. I have been hospitalized for both conditions a few times. My gastrological system has been severely affected also. In my situation, it is the extreme swings that are so difficult to handle.

Please do not think I am sharing all of this to scare you. It seems that the best solution to this condition is to have a good team of specialists, who communicate with each other and try to work together to keep one as stable and comfortable as possible.

Good luck!

DogsRock 8 Dec 2014

Thank you very much Claudia218. I've researched AN a lot, but could not find that fatigue is mentioned at all, yet for me it is quite severe most days. And no worries - you did not scare me at all. :-)

Neuropathysincebirth 20 Apr 2015

Having dealing with AN since birth I have noticed the fatigue add up as my symptoms of BP and tachycardia get worse. Your body is working so hard, much harder than a normal body, and it will get worn down much faster. If you have POTS issues then severe fatigue is guaranteed. Listen to your body and it may sound funny but naps help. Even if it is 20 minutes. Just let your body rest. Good luck to you free discount card

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