... when walk with a light shopping bag and start wheezing and coughing and after a while I cough and a very small ball of sticky mucous projectiles from my mouth. I have been on 3 consecutive treatments of antibiotics and steroids.
My daily treatment for asthma is : Budesonide 200 microgrammes 2 x twice a day or to use as I would salbutamol instead of Salbutamol. Titropium Bromide 2 inhalations in morning only and
must not exceed this dose. And last but not least 1 x certirizine in case of allergy.
I have had scans and Xrays and when I was first diagnosed by a specialist with asthma I was told I had a tiny Thyroidal Goiter on one of the 2 lobes encasing my heart and was assured it was not and never would be a viable carcinoma. I have put on weight my legs from knee down and ankles keep swelling up but I think the gp is just no wiser than me.
Can any one give me a clue ?