Have been on the circuit with meds, Abilify, Seroquel, etc, Went through 8 sessions of ECT, with no positive response. Have been on Zoloft since 1992 but in the past 9 months something happened and now I'm back to square 1? Dr has put me on Latuda, 80mg and been on that for 3 weeks now, not sure if making any difference as I still have the constant ruminations and almost OCD time thinking but it goes away when the depression/anxiety goes away?

Last week Dr put me on Ananfril at my insistence and while it has only been 8 days, there appears to be some lightning of the mental anguish that has been unrelenting for past 9 months.

Anybody have any experience with Ananfril and what I might expect besides the typical side effects.

Thank you...