Before I begin.. Let me explain a little about my health... I am 24 years old, I am 5ft 9 and currently "underweight" weighing in at 119lbs.. Last July I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease (hypothyroid) and thyroid cancer... In that same month I also had surgery and became cancer free. I didn't need radiation, chemo, etc. Ever since then, I've been on 175mcg Synthroid. I've had 5 surgeries since then (unrelated to thyroid)... And I started Wellbutrin 300mgs about 3 months ago.. My last surgery was 4 weeks ago for gallbladder removal. I did not take my meds for a few days... I have not noticed a difference being on wellbutrin; however, coming off I got emotional. So I started taking it again. I Kept forgetting my thyroid meds (I know. My fault. Trying to fix it and it won't happen again) and as of last week, I'm severely hypo.. With my TSH at 94. My endo wants it at 0.5... So. Anyways. Well today I was diagnosed with ADHD and general anxiety after going to see a counselor (my lack of listening, impulsiveness, anger, and not being able to focus was starting to cause marital trouble). I was also started on Adderall instant release today. The dr prescribed 10mg but told me to play with the dosage. If one wasn't enough, take two. This afternoon I took one, got really sleepy & nothing else. Took another one an hour later, and I felt a little focused but that's it. I didn't have the drive to complete tasks, didn't have any energy, felt more tired than had I not taken it but a little more focused at the same time. My question is.. Has anyone else experienced these issues while on Wellbutrin and Adderall at the same time? Is the Wellbutrin affecting my adderall? Is the hypothyroid affecting it instead? Should I wean off Wellbutrin? Like I said, I haven't noticed a difference in my behavior since being on it. The only difference is I'm smoking less cigarettes... My dr didn't act concerned about the wellbutrin however the counselor acted like she didn't want me taking it. Any input would be greatly appreciated at this point!