... possible that I have both. I don't know if all the pain is coming from both or one or the other. I've been taking so many different meds.over the years and it seems to make me sick or allergic to that I just stop all. I went to pain management and therapy for a while, but nothing work. I decided to change all red meats 3yrs.ago but I not to shore what else I can change in my diet. Is there something else eliminate out of my diet? I need some kind of resolution. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable that it keeps me up all night. It makes me swell, very irritable and I feel so old cause I'm in a bent position. One minute I might feel ok during the day and maybe later the nite or the next day I can't walk or turn my head. It's out of control. I had too many different meds.that didn't work. I've went to all kinds of Dr's.and I'm still unhappy