I feel like I have to give a speech or very anxious. I have been on dialysis for 1 yr. I no longer can sleep. I rock & roll, walk the floor all nite, rock in chair 100 miles an hr, cry because I want to sleep. I have taken stuff for restless leg, but dont have it in legs... comes in arms and stomach. I am about insane. the only thing that would give me 3 hrs of rest in the past was oxycodone(5/325) 1 at nite. but thats not working and dont want to increase it so am off of it all together. has ANYONE experienced this and if so what did you do to stop this. It is getting very hard for me to sit in dialysis chair for 31/2 hrs. in fact today they had to let me out early. If anyone has an idea to stop this feeling that keeps me jazzed up inside 24/7 i would appreciate it. i can not take sleep aids as they have a reverse reaction on me.i just tried dream sleep with melatonine and gaba and water and just about climbed the walls. thought all natural would do the trick,,, wrong. So any help would be appreciated. thanks ... 4 Paws