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Should diabetics use compound w and duct tape together for planters warts on their feet?

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kaismama 3 Nov 2013

Absolutely not. See a podiatrist. Compound W should never be used on your feet, planters warts aren't so easily gotten rid of and you could risk loosing a foot.

denali1 3 Nov 2013

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my GP had me doing this for 6 months. I am now having all kinds of problems with infections. This has been going on for over a year, prognosis not looking very good.

kaismama 6 Nov 2013

OMG, see a podiatrist for your foot. Find a new primary doc and sue the a## off that first doc. He had to have known better.

denali1 7 Nov 2013

Thank you for answering my questions, and looking into legal help!

endlessPred 6 Nov 2013

Yikes! Get a new doctor even if he is the only one in town. Drive to the next town. Yes, that serious. Once you are with the new doctor, be sure other conditions you are having treated, of any, are properly monitored.

The only thing that worked for my plantar warts was liquid nitrogen. Hurts like heck, but did eventually get rid of it. By the way, duct tape should never be used on the body unless extreme emergency. The glue is difficult to get off and it has a lot of petroleum products in it.

If the Infection is exposing bone, please get to a new doctor or podiatrist right away. This is serious and needs proper treatment. Don't delay. I wish you better health. So glad you wrote and asked. Karen

kaismama 6 Nov 2013

Do you believe it? I've spent my whole career telling diabetics to do nothing to their feet, to see a podiatrist because of the complications, and along comes a dr??? and recommends this. It makes me want to have a little chat with the yahoo.

endlessPred 7 Nov 2013

I believe the forms to report him would be on the state internet page under complaints. My grandpa used coal tar for warts. Worked well. He died young from a heart attack. Hmmm...

denali1 7 Nov 2013

Thanks, I've already done this yesterday. Really appreciate your help! Take care! free discount card

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