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I am a diabetic, and do I need to take tablet for whole ny life?

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kaismama 9 Apr 2014

Yes, the diabetes isn't going to go away. The one chance you have is if you're very overweight and loose the weight. Sometimes that makes it so the blood sugar can be controlled with diet.

DzooBaby 9 Apr 2014

Probably. Unless you really get it together, start eating right (low carb, low fat), exercise, lose weight so that your BMI is under 25, then you MIGHT be able to become what is called "diet controlled" diabetic meaning that diet alone is keeping your blood sugar levels down but few people are that disciplined.

endlessPred 21 May 2014

Type I diabetes has no cure. type II diabetes can be well managed with diet if you get your weight down to what is right for your height and you stop overeating and drinking sodas and other carbohydrates and sugars. Stay away from artificial sweeteners because they make you crave sweets. Mine is in control now. I no longer need insulin. It can be done if you work for it. Fruits and veggies make a big difference. Talk with your endocrinologist to learn how. All it takes is changing your mind on how you wish to live. free discount card

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