I'm a 45 yr. old female with type 2 diabetic. I've known since 2002 when I went to doctor for harmone treatments that I thought I needed after a complete hystorectomy. Incidentlly found out I was a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure.

Over the past 8 yrs. I've gone through spells where I didn't always take care of my diabetes. I guess I was in denial partly because of the shady doctor that I thought was in cahoots with the diabetic class instructor due to a snide comment made concerning how much money they made off of the class attendees. Also, when I'd check my sugar, sometimes it would be a little high, like 175, after I'd eaten, but for the most part it was normal. Went a couple or three days without checking it and finally, when I did one morning, it was 555. I freaked! I went to a different internal doctor that confirmed I was a diabetic. After 555, I really needed no confirmation. I was put on metformin and a great diet & excersise plan. I lost 25 lbs. but experienced alot of highs & lows. More highs than lows. I have all the classic symptoms of
Diabetic Ketoacidosis just without the the extreme loss of protien.

Due to a change in employment and insurance I have another doctor who I heard rave reviews about. He's trying to help me get control of my blood sugar. He has prescibed both Metformin AND the Apidra sliding scale insulin pin. I'm really confused because it was never exactly explained to me how I should incorporate the two together. Do I automatically take my metformin as prescibed which is once in the am and then once at pm and then check my sugar before AND after my meal and depending on reading, then administer my insulin? Can't contact doctor at the moment, so I'd really appreciate some input on this. :)

Thank you,