... take two 600 mg a day pain stays about a 6-7 daily if i take and oxy cod 10.325 pill before bed I wake up with a pain about a 3 that has been the best way to use the oxycod problem is by 10-11am it wears off I also use naproxen I take 1/2 of a 600 mg pill after the 10 am daily for my constant pain on my thigh from a pinched nerve I have a hard time dealing with it my trousers on anything in my pocket just activates pain on leg since I have been with this diabetis my pinced nerve and facet joint pain is unbelevible, i am driving a transportation vehicle for income but I have more days that I would rather be home with the pain than drivingI am paying for my meds with no insuurance and seeing doctors also I have no health insurrance has anyone been to the joslin diabetis clinic in boston mass? I am planning to go there as soon as I can i am open to any suggestions reply to jeff in lowell ma