hello everyone,

i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in march 2014 and i took care of everything to where when i checked it twice daily it would come out to be between 85-90. I went to Pakistan and for 3 months really ate whatever. Now i have the following symptoms

my feet get burning sensation
than there are other times my feet feel cold
Sometimes i feel like my feet or toes in general are numb
my legs hurt, around my joints and lower leg and even my thighs(no cramping just pain)
my arms also hurt
my hands feel numb, more going into my fingers

my lips feel stiff and numb
outside side of my ears is also feeling numb
and sometimes i shake a lot, like my hand or leg will start shaking

Does this seem like Peripheral neuropathy affects? i have only known abut my diabetes since march, but i was really careless and ate a lot of junk food and drink a lot of sodas in past 10 years.

I am worried sick this could be ALS(i really really hope its not, just got married)

Yesterday i checked my sugar and hadn't eaten anything in 7 hours and it came to 141
than i ate something and checked it again 4 hours after eating and it came out to 188
I do take Metformin

I took metformin with meal so it should have helped but instead it went up

My question is do these symptoms sound like diabetes or something else?

I read that for me to get nerves damage from Diabetes i have to have Diabetes for 20-25 years, but i have only knonw about my issues since 2014

Even sometimes i get blury vision in my eyes

please help if you can