I am a 52 year old male with type 1 Diabetes and am suffering from nerve... damage in my legs. I am taking 75mg. of Lyrica twice daily along with 75mg. of Plavix once daily. I am trying to avoid the surgery to remove the restrictions in the arteries in both legs. The doctor originally prescribed 10mg Loritabs for the pain. After four refills the doctor told me he could no longer prescribe any more pain meds for me. I do believe that the Lyrica helps alot, but I am in constant pain. If I have to walk more than 100 feet, I have to stop due to the pain. If I happen to over do it, I suffer for several days with a pain that is almost intolorable. I have found that 20mg. of Hydrocodone two to three times a day inables me to at least make it through the day. I am forced however, to obtain the necessary pills in a less than ideal way. I have been told that pain management clinics are less than reputable in my area. I am not looking for a pill pusher, I need help with a pain that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I own a business that requires me to walk more than I am capable of at this time. Can anyone tell me if: 1) am I taking the right meds for my condition? 2)Can anyone in the Dallas area recommend a reputable doctor or pain clinic that I can go to? I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. If I can't get back to work soon, I will have to go out of business. I have no health insurance due to my being a diabetic for 11 years. So there you have it, any help would be sincerely appreciated