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Diabetes, Type 2 - Can I take predisone for a bulging discs middle back pain ?

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DzooBaby 13 Mar 2012

You can take prednisone but you can also expect your blood sugars to go haywire. Steroids like prednisone can cause your blood sugar to elevate drastically without any change in diet at all. I dont recommend that you take prednisone in pill form for back pain. If you take it in an injection like a trigger point injection or an epidural, it can be helpful but dont be surprised when your sugars go crazy. Prednisone can be very damaging if taken too often and for a long period of time. Prednisone can be very effective for arthritic pain and pain related to disc degeneration and bulging but it is also very damaging when taken for long periods of time. This is why I dont recommend that you take pills of prednisone for it. An occasional injection is usually ok but they are not without their bad points. Epidurals do help some but studies show very little improvement in the long run over modalities like chiropractic and physical therapy.

Anonymous 14 Mar 2012

I totally agree! Prednisone is a bad thing long term. I have had to take it for several conditions over my life because I am allergic to everything & it helps for poison ivy breakouts etc,,, asthma acute, but it's bad on a long term basis for not only your bones, but as Dzoo pointed out your sugar levels because it affects your adrenal glands so bad. It will make them stop producing your natural cortisol that you need... Mary

Smiley22 14 Mar 2012

Thank You for your advice. I will hold off on the prednisione . But It is a very low dose Its one of thoase 5 day packs 4mg.

Anonymous 15 Mar 2012

I just don't think prednisone at that dose is going to help your buldging disc problem. You may feel better, but I doubt it at 4mg. That is a small dose & why mess with your glucose levels. You may need some regular painpills for a spell til you feel better, & they shouldn't mess with your gluscose too much I wouldn't think. My hubby is a type 2, & uses hydrocodone for his pain control for his back. Just a thought... Mary

franklin8905 13 Mar 2012

You haven't mentioned what kind of control you have? Are you on oral hypoglycemics, or insulin, or just diet control. If you are on anything except diet control please talk to your doctor about how to control your blood sugars on prednisone. You also did not mention how much prednisone has been prescribed. If it is low dose such as 2 - 5 mg for a short period of time, your blood sugar will not be affected as much as if you are on 10 mg or more. As others have mentioned prednisone is a wonder drug for some but it comes with bunches of side effects and you should be prepared for them if you decide to take the prednisone. If your problem (pain) is the result of inflammation then prednisone may be a good choice. If you are thinking that it will fix buldging discs I doubt that it will. Anyway good luck, herniated disks can be extremely painful.

Smiley22 14 Mar 2012

Thank you for your advise. I took it one time before and sugar went up to 322 for one day and went down the next day to 222; and lower every day after that because of reduction of dosing' but still scared to take it. I take Januvia 100mgs 1x aday and Metformin ER 750 mgs 2 x aday and I have very good control on it A1c is 6.5.

franklin8905 14 Mar 2012

Have you ever taken insulin? It might be a good idea if you really need the prednisone, did it help the last time? If you have to take it for pain control and inflammation you might want to talk to your doctor about putting you on regular insulin or Novolog etc just during the time that you are taking it. You could do a sliding scale to keep your blood sugar under control on a very temporary bases. I still would be very concerned about taking prednisone. It sounds like you have very good control at other times, and you want to maintain that. Good luck and you should be very proud of your control.

Smiley22 14 Mar 2012

Thank You again I only had insulin when I was in hospital. I will speak to Doc about it.

endlessPred 16 Mar 2012

Hello. As my name implies I am forever on prednisone. It keeps me alive. So I have a different point of view from others.

The prednisone and other meds I am taking give me type II diabetes. I have been assured that if I could get off the pred I would not have diabetes. But that doesn't matter now. What matters is how I control the blood sugars and how I have to keep adjusting my insulin according to my current dose of prednisone. free discount card

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