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Diabetes, Type 2 - how to get over poking oneself with the lance to do blood glucose daily testing?

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kaismama 21 Aug 2013

Do you use the lance equipment that just clicks it into your finger or the lances that will do the same thing? Also, don't stick yourself on the fleshy underside of your fingertip, but off to the side of it, there are less nerves there.

PKrizak 21 Aug 2013

I have the little clicker thing. I might have gone closer to the fleshy underside of my fingertip. Took me two hours to attempt it again. Had a neighbor come over and do it to me on the side of my finger, and it was alot better. I'm hopeful to get over this mental hangup. I'm one of those that fainted during shots and blood draws, so I'm a work in progress.

kanukgirl 9 Nov 2013

I find that if I hit the side of my fingers it hurts more, so I do it on the pad, and use a different finger every day to lessen the soreness of my fingers.

ade1971 21 Aug 2013

The daily pokes are a pain, but most lancing devices have a dial that lets you adjust the depth if the poke, so try it on the lightest or first setting and go up from there until you get enough blood to test. You will get used to it-I went straight to insulin 2X day plus testing 2-4X and now I'm used to it and just have days where I'm more annoyed I have to do it instead of being worried.
Did your doc get you into a diabetes education program? They'll usually help you set up your meter, show you how to test etc.
Cheers, Ade

PKrizak 21 Aug 2013

I have my lancing device set to the lowest setting possible, so I have lots of blood with each poke. Must be thin skinned and extremely sensitive. Yes, I had my first diabetes education program and the other two people don't have a needle fear, so I feel alone. Yes they set up my meter and showed me how to do the test to my self, but doesn't help the fear of the clicker.

Fragilexmom 21 Aug 2013

There are some devices that you can test your arm, thigh, inside your palm. Onetouch, Accu-chek, BD, and FreeStyle are just a few brands that you can purchase. Diabetes ll you may have to give yourself shots someday, I was up to 7 shots a day. I'm on a insulin pump now but I still have to stick myself every three days. But I know it means my life so I have to do it. Hope this will help.

PKrizak 21 Aug 2013

I do have the Relion meter, and eventually I may be able to do that, but we are still working at getting my blood sugar regulated. They want me poking my fingertips only for now. Yes, I know it means my life, but I have the fear of the needle poke. I am one of those people that faint at shots or blood being drawn, so I'm not the best patient for this aspect. Thank you for responding.

Fragilexmom 22 Aug 2013

That's why I went to the insulin pump the needles everyday was become mind over matter. Like Kaismama said try sticking on the side of your finger. free discount card

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