... I have been taking Lantus for about 6yrs 28units every morning. I have low sugers 33-66 almost every morning. My A1c was 6.9 when first dignosted.and after 6mths has been 9 to 13 for 20 yrs.. The best i have done is 9.3. My dr is wanting me to take metformin 500. 3Xday at meal time. I have taken Glyibride, humalog, metformin, victoza. and nothing changes but more low sugers/having to eat more and raising my sugers. On 5-20-2016 my dr change the lantus to 28units at bedtime, but now my sugers are 500+ at night and 33-100 in the morning. My question is if I split my lantus to 14unit am and 14 units pm if that would make a differant on my low sugers in the morning . My dr says I need to A1c down, but some mornings my sugers are so low, I cant walk, talk or dont know what im doing. This is a crazy and I know Im not the only one that is having problems. I have been to endo, internist, diet . Thanks for any info. Ill try anything to find if it works for me.