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Diabetes, Type 2 - Is anyone affected by diabetes and menopause?

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Inactive 5 Nov 2012

Hello Beaulah. Not certain. I'll read up and see what might be found. regards pledge

Inactive 5 Nov 2012

Hello Beaulah, & welcome to the site. If would help knowing what your symptoms are too. What are you taking for your diabetes etc... Also when asking a question, if you put 'direct' instead of 'conversation', we can only answer 1 time. We can comment, but cannot answer twice. If you could, add the further info by hitting the comment button & we wll try to help you the best we can...

Beaulah 7 Nov 2012

Thanks for letting me know how things work! I am currently on Metformin, Actos, Novolog, and Lantus. I'm having a hard time with after supper until morning glucose levels. I have noticed a direct correlation with the elevated levels and when I have more hot flashes, night sweats, etc. I'm scared to do much for corrections at bedtime and then I have a night of little or no sleep and wake up at 250+.

Inactive 7 Nov 2012

If you feel you are doing every right as far as your diet, as having 4 small meals a day, & eating the correct foods etc,,, then I think maybe it's time to see your endoctrinologist. I don't know of any direct correclation between menopause & diabetes, but my hubby is a type 2, & is having some of the same problems. It was found out that his thyroid was very low. Have you had it checked recently? I suggest you make an appointment with your endoctrinolgist & discuss these problems with him. What is your A1C as of late? He was also having these high spikes at night the same as you, but his A1C was only 5.1. He has many other problems so it's hard to judge since ou are female too, is why I suggest the doctor visit at this time... Mary free discount card

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