I recently went for a blood test that measured my fasting glucose levels. My blood glucose was 92. The thing is, I got there at about 10am, which was after about 12 hours of fasting, but I the actual blood draw wasn't done until 3pm.

Moreover, I have been following a strict ketogenic diet; the most net carbohydrates that I consume tends to not exceed 40 grams max, sometimes less, not much more.

I also walked several miles to the testing facility that morning and in fact, I walk long distances every day (8-20 miles). On a previous fasting blood test, my ketones were measured at 15, my blood sugar at 94; less walking, basically same length of fasting. The new one did NOT measure ketones. Prior to this, I ate a very high sugar and carbohydrate diet. (A box of pasta with tons of sauce and cheese for dinner, often after days spent in college, skipping breakfast and lunch for lack of time; sometimes up to a carton and a half of Bryer's ice cream, entire packages of frozen fruit consecutively demolished). I can't tolerate red peppers, sweet potatoes, fruits and other foods that are conventionally considered healthy and which I used to love, without blurred vision, rampant hunger and uncontrollable mood-swings.

I realize that 92 is within range, but given the circumstances, could this still be cause for concern?