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Diabetes Insipidus - Anyone suffer from low sodium while taking DDAVP?

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bestpup 23 Dec 2017

Hello-Yes a couple of times I had to take DDAVP for a bleeding disorder.
Once it happened because I had a long surgery and bleed profusely. The other time I had to take DDAVP was the nasal version and it wasn't as serious. The hospital corrected the low sodium level by giving me several IV's of hypertonic Saline.
However, the last time I was prescribed DDAVP was to minimize blood loss from a root canal. The low sodium was quickly corrected by drinking tomato juice which contains quite a bit of a sodium. The next day I had my blood drawn and I was fine.
Also, it's important to note if your prescribed DDAVP from your local Pharmacy it's important to keep it refrigerated between uses.
Best regards

A326843 23 Dec 2017

Thanks for the reply.

bestpup 23 Dec 2017

Your welcome I'm glad I could help. Happy holidays!
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