... was taking DDAVP nasal spray (10mcg) 2-3 times per day and managing very well!! This past August I was feeling terrible and had blood work done which indicated a dangerously low sodium level (113) which sent me to the ER and 5 day hospital stay! Drs believe I was taking too much DDAVP which made my sodium level plummet!! I have annual visits to my endocrinologist and I was fine in 2016! Why after 29 years of smooth sailing did this happen? Did something change in my body? Is there something happening in my body that we don't know about? While in the hospital they withheld my DDAVP for 24 hours and my sodium slowly increased. It was absolute torture peeing volumes every 20 minutes !!! I was allowed to do 1 spray once my sodium reached 130. I did that 1 spray and through blood work a few hours later it dropped to 129. I continued with 1 spray but was in agony with frequent urination and inconsistent hours of rest. Drs advised me to switch to DDAVP through Rhinal tube at 2 doses of (.05) which didn't work as it lasted too long! I am now on (.025) and again very inconsistent hours of rest!! Very tired and frustrated with this roller coaster of experimenting!! Why is this medicine so inconsistent when it used to work like clockwork ? Looking for answers and guidance