hi I myself suffer from narcolepsy(and i also have all of the added conditions that can go along with)i have always been told it is illegal to drive with this condition??? unless of course the meds taken works that well you do not have any attacks at all,majority of people commenting only have reduced attacks so how do they still hold a driving licence... i'am on dexamfetamine and take 8x5mg a day(this is my natural tolerance) although i only take the 8tabs when iam in college etc i try to manage with less at other times as the max legal amount is 12 tabs a day(my neurologist told me this) 10 mg only lasts me 2-3hrs if i go any longer without i have attacks straight away feels as if my body saves them up!!(the 8 tabs i work them as 10mg,then 5mg,then 10mg etc every couple of hrs) these tabs have suited me the most.i just hope i can keep my tolerance dwn... the driving bit i dnt understand as traveling brings on my attacks be it by car,bus or train just the same as just sitting does.just wondering if maybe there's some tips ppl have while traveling as i would really love to be able to do this with no attacks.I hate taking public transport especially when i have my daughter with me :-(.