Wouldn't it be better to take one 60 mg once per day. I guess I will try spacing them out 12 hours apart. I have had nausea after eating. I have been sick with burping and nausea for about a month now. I used to take Dexalant 30 mg once a month.then got off it for a month because I was getting depressed. After going off Dexalant the depression went away, then I did not need to take anything for a month at all and I could eat anything. Then after a month I began to have acid in my throat. I then tried to go on an H2 blocker. After about a month of switching blockers I began with burping, then after going to a buffet I had diarreah which I have IBS so was not concerned but then became nauseated. Next day I was fine, then the next day was throwing up major for 4 hours. Then I tried Dexalant 30mg and it seemed to help some but I still had some nausea and had to watch what I eat. Now after being on Dexalant for 10 days I am feeling nauseated again after eating. So that is why my Dr. Raised it to 60mg, 30 mg twice a day. A little nervous to try that, I am do sensitive to meds and their side effects.