I'm 44 years old and have been taking Dexilant (60 mg - 1 pill/day) for over 3 years. It has helped my GERD tremendously. When I was 40 - I had my first colonoscopy. I had zero colon polyps... but a tortious colon (?). I had another colonoscopy last year (2013) and my Gastro found 7 polyps. Biopsy showed they were all pre-cancerous. She removed all of them. I had another colonoscopy a week ago. Five new polyps! My parents are still alive and have never had this problem. The only family member with a colon problem was my aunt (mom's sister). She died of colon cancer last year. My mom had a colonoscopy last year - zero polyps. Same for my dad.

So my question is... is it a coincidence that I started getting colon polyps about the same time as I started Dexilant? I had NO colon polyps prior to starting this medication. The only other "new" medication I've been taking the past couple of years is a homeopathic pill called "Clearin". You can buy it at the Vitamin Store. I still get cystic acne and felt a homeopathic solution would be safer than going back on Acutane for a 3rd time ( I was on it once in my 20s and again in my 30s).