I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that the dextroamphetamine is the generic Dexedrine? Tried Adderall xr, 20 mg twice a day, breakfast and lunch times. No real effect other than it did control my EDS - excessive daytime sleepiness, borderline narcolepsy. After a year or so I found few positives other than helping with EDS and wanted to manage the severe ADHD. Tried concerta, Ritalin, and I asked my care provider if she would be willing to try dexedrine. She's never prescribed it for ADHD and knew little about it - especially dosages and such. The prescription simple says "2 tablets by mouth every day". They are 10 meg pills or tablets. How are others taking this dexedrine or dextroamphetamine? Doses, frequency, etc. and what about severe ADHD and EDS combinations? I'm hyper, anxious a lot in that I always feel there's SO much to do, no depression at all, over-all happy with life, just not happy with the ADHD and EDS problems. I'd like to feel at least a little normal. I won't change doses - will ONLY run what I find out through a doctor or my caregiver - so don't worry, last thing I want is to pretend to be a doctor and mess it up.