The prescribing started in 1988 on dexedrine at 10 pills a day 50mg.It didnt take long to start getting addicted.I was given them as i was working 2 jobs and after 6 weeks i started using street amphetamine(speed)to keep awake,after more time i gave it up and felt rough/awful so i went to see the doc.As time went on the dexedrine kept coming to the point i was prescribed for 3 years on 40 tablets a day 200mg on a weekly script.Soon after i saw a psyciatrist and she was annoyed how mad i talked and acted.She asked me to have 7 days off dex and prescribed me 30mg valium all daily,600mg sulpride(and amisulpride) and 225mg vanlafexine.7 days later i waz back on dexedrine but at 20 pills a day 100mg.This went on till 2009.Now i have looked everywhere in manchester uk for dexedrine,been to every gp now telling me dex can not be prescribed by doctors just psyciatrists.I have been diagnoised with having adult adhd twice and been to see a phyciatrist in this area,he was german couldnt understand a word he said,and was totally useless.I am also near a big hospital where they deal with mental health but not drug abuse,thats where all the psyciatrists are,and i cant get to see them.I get so down/depressed its unbearable i have to take street amphetamine not 2 get high,not sleep,not eat but just to feel normal.It coosts me over 270 quid a week thats like 500 dollars a week.All my money goes on this.I have tried to committe suiside 3 times.I have had 2 blood clots on the brain in the last year,put on warfrin and brain operations,the doc tells me its poison in the speed..typical.and nobody will help after 12 years on this dependant drug,in the uk anyway.If any1 knows in manchester can you advise me.I want to go to ny soon.I am also on 10mg valium,a waste of space and 225mg of vanlafexine which i think is a waste of time,unless you try and get off it,then you totally fall apart.and im on 400mg amisulpride for side effects from amphetamine.They dont know what they are doing and dont care but i do,i hate the nhs.Cheers ok